3 Helpful Tips of Xeriscaping

Xeriscape Techniques

Higher temperatures are already upon us and this means more sun exposure for your landscape. This will help your plants grow stronger, however, can also damage their leaves and cause sunburn. To make sure your landscape is safe, you can consider xeriscaping. It is a landscape practice that uses water efficiently and uses design to create a landscape that requires little to no water. With some careful planning and implementation, it can make your property more airy, visible, and welcoming to wildlife. More people will be drawn to your property and it will be cooler as a result.

To help you reap these rewards, consider the following advice:

Avoid On-site Watering

One of the most efficient ways to lower water use and thus electricity costs is to limit the amount of watering that is done on-site. One option is to use water-saving sprinklers, while another is to use a drip irrigation system. In order to improve soil quality and decrease runoff, you may want to consider putting your lawn on the downhill side of your house.

Choose Greenways

Residential areas are often laced with greenways, which are landscaped walkways. They help people feel more connected to the natural world around them, which in turn can reduce their use of resources like energy and water, as well as improve conditions for wildlife and lessen the impact of storms on local ecosystems.

Take Plants into Account

You can improve your landscape, use less water, and save money on your energy bill by landscaping with drought-resistant plants. You could also improve the quality of the air and water by increasing the number of plants that filter the air and cool the environment, respectively.

Consider implementing some of the aforementioned xeriscaping techniques on your property. Contact SuperDave'S Lawns and More today if you have any questions or are ready to set up a consultation with our landscaping professionals. Please feel free to contact us at Lubbock, TX or anywhere else in the surrounding area. Feel free to call us at (806) 243-1514.