3 Xeriscaping Tips on How to Xeriscape on a Budget

Replacing a Grass Lawn With Low-Water, Low-Maintenance Xeriscape

Replacing a grass lawn with low-water, low-maintenance xeriscape seems like a no-brainer to many people who live through the dry, hot summers, but somehow we still see grass lawn after grass lawn in neighborhoods across the state. Why? Oftentimes a grass lawn is left alone because people are concerned about the cost of replacing it with a xeric garden. The truth is, a xeric garden can actually save you quite a bit of money over time if you can commit to a modest budget and a bit of hard work upfront. So, if you’re ready to install a xeric garden and watch your water bill shrink (and your curb appeal grow), take a look at these 3 xeriscaping tips on how to xeriscape on a budget.

Do the work yourself

The first step to this your yard on a budget is to design and plant your xeric garden yourself. When you bypass the professionals, you save a lot of money, but you also risk making a few mistakes. To decrease the risk, do your homework about drought-tolerant plants that will do well in your area, and take some time to create a garden design on grid paper.

Keep purchased hardscape to a minimum

If you already have hardscapes like boulders, river rock, and flagstone in your yard, consider yourself lucky. If not, consider using other design elements that are less pricey. For instance, one cost-effective option for pathways is to make your own stepping-stones with a fast-setting concrete mix and a mold. You can add artistic elements to the concrete like leaf imprints, small tiles, and marbles, too!

Use non-invasive plants that spread

Xeriscape using plants that spread by self-seeding, runners, or division is a simple method to save money because you will be purchasing fewer plants to fill your area, as long as you stay away from invasive species and take care while studying your plants before planting them.

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